Natural Conversations On Track

Emotionally Intelligent Voice Assistants

Emotionally Intelligent AI.

The Future of Customer Engagement

Next generation emotional AI

Emotionally intelligent (EQ) voice agents deliver an empathetic conversational experience; personalising tone, language and content to each customer's needs.

Conversation within guiderails

Natural exploratory conversations to better understand customer motivations and frustrations - whilst dynamically managing and guiding the conversation pathway.

Human-in-the-loop friendly

Business and customer needs constantly evolve. Optimise human/AI collaboration to keep up with a changing world for better outcomes.


Sociate Emote

Sociate Emote extends Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models by giving AIs implicit emotions

Our proprietary algorithms leverage research conducted at University of Oxford to integrate best-in-class techniques in deep learning, graph based models and NLP transformers. Going beyond sentiment analysis, Sociate voice assistants are self-aware with their own emotional states that is reflected in tone and language, so that they can conduct exploratory and consultative conversations without frustrating customers. Our models dynamically adapt to prevent conversations going “off path". Our method also keep voice agents on brand, providing safety around generative conversational models.

Sociate Guide

Sociate Guide makes human<>AI collaboration easy via a two-way continuous improvement training interface

Our conversation management tool automates the process of conversation analysis, removing dependence on data scientists and NLU engineers. Using cutting-edge latent space techniques, conversation data is converted into easily understood visualisations. This provides actionable insights in to the difference between your most and least successful customer conversations. Our human-in-the-loop friendly AI training interface is designed so that humans can easily train AIs and AIs can coach humans, optimising conversation pathways and better business outcomes.

Sociate Map

Sociate Map automates the translation of real conversations into conversation graphs

Translating conversations into conversation graphs greatly speed up the manual work of conversation design. Our advanced conversation mapping capabilities reduce the burden of assessing and identifying which customer interactions can or should be automated. For those conversations that need a real human touch, handover is made seamless through efficient summaries. Allowing live agents to quickly take appropriate steps to improve business outcomes- to secure richer customer insights, increased leads and sales or improved customer retention.

We have solutions for

Customer Service Providers
Innovation Teams

Sociate works with your existing NLP provider

We integrate with your existing infrastructure to enhance customer experience and automate conversation management and AI training

"Sociate’s work to introduce empathetic NLU and put guide rails around intelligent language generation, if successful will unlock the next generation of AI and “the holy grail“."

Vishal Dheiman
Head of Innovation, BBDO

"At RAIN, we believe that creating more emotionally intelligent dialogues between humans and computers is not only a very hard NLP/NLG problem, but one that will underpin the future of conversational technology. What Sociate AI is working on has the potential to enable more complex use cases, where context and nuance can help guide successful conversations with minimal friction and misunderstandings on both sides."

Eric Turkington
Head of Partnerships, Rain Agency

Yasmin Topia

CEO of Sociate AI Limited. Commercial lead PWC, Inspire, Adecco. Won and delivered £40m+ in public sector contracts. University of Birmingham.

Claudia Davila Rios

Conversational AI and Applied AI Visionary, Enterprise Bot Expert, Computer Programming Fellow 42 US Silicon Valley. BSc in Economics and Finance.

Luke Robinson

PhD in Quantum Computing from Cambridge. Research Fellow at Oxford. World leading AI/ML, Partner at Post Urban Ventures, CSO Hazy, LGN.

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