The World's Fastest Learning Fashion AI

Seen it on Insta or TikTok? Find it on your platform minutes later
Move at the speed of social to let customers find their style without attribute tags for up to 200% conversion uplift
I need an outfit for a Great Gatsby party
Show me something Coastal cowgirl
No pastels
I don’t want sleeves
No florals

Conversational search, Real-time trends and Dynamic personalisation

Sociate AI

Dynamic personalisation
Conversational search
Real-time trends
Groundbreaking AI technology, delivered only by Sociate AI

Powered by cFIRST (Curious Fashion Intelligent Recommendation Styling Technology) - Sociate's proprietary fashion and styling multi-modal AI combines real-time customer need, evolving tastes and up to the second trends to make magical product recommendations in a constantly changing world.

No matter how good or bad your meta data is, you can catch every customer's shopping need. Let your customers search and show you what they want through text and visual prompts and be truly understood, no matter what they're looking for - like an expert AI personal shopper.

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Easy to Plug & Play

For both your customers and your team
With no need to replace or disrupt your existing stack, our AI sits on top of your search to fill in the gaps in your metadata in real-time, instantly super powering your on-site search. Our automated social trends tagging surfaces the right products on Google, the moment customers are inspired to search for them.
Customers can use it for conversational search and discovery.
Your team can use it for:
  • visual merchandising
  • inventory search
  • automated trend tagging
See for yourself what Sociate's AI can do for your inventory. Just upload your product inventory feed to test and compare with your existing search. Get your free trial with your inventory today
Visual AI
Understand what your customers show it
Conversational AI
Understand what your customers tell it
Consultative AI
Continually learns from your customers and the real world

Award winning technology for fashion

Case study

See how Hardly Ever Worn It (hewi) leapt into the future of AI ecommerce search with over a 200% search to purchase conversion uplift
The UK's best luxury resell site - increased their conversions overnight by integrating Sociate AI, without adding a single new product attribution tag.
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Product pricing

£500 /month
For most businesses that want to optimise search queries.
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£3000 /month
For most large businesses that want to optimise search queries.
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Sociate can customise your technology solution to meet your specific needs


Yasmin Topia

CEO & Co-founder
Serial AI entrepreneur and founding partner of Post Urban Ventures. Commercial lead PWC, and Adecco. Won and delivered £40m+ in public sector contracts. University of Birmingham

Luke Robinson

CSO & Co-founder
PhD in Quantum Computing from Cambridge. Research fellow at Oxford. World leading AI/ML Partner at Post Urban Ventures, CSO Hazy, LGN

Stealth (TBA)

CTO & Co-founder
PhD in AI and ML. Serial AI entrepreneur and market leading CTO, with world leading specialism in ecommerce and advertising AI, working with Facebook, Tiktok and more.

Claudia Davila Rios

CPO & Co-founder
Conversational AI and Applied AI Visionary, Enterprise Bot Expert, SingularityU Exponential leader Computer Programming Fellow 42 US Silicon Valley. BSc in Economics and Finance.

Brandon Holly

Fashion Advisor
CEO of Everywear, Shoptrue, Fashion AI pioneer, Ecommerce Expert, Conde-Nast, Chief Editor - Lucky, Yahoo

Richard Kestenbaum

Ecommerce Industry Advisor
Partner at Triangle LLC M&A Expert, Ecommerce, Fashion, Retail, Forbes Contributer Harvard and NYC Stern
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