The Holy Grail of Customer Intent

Every customer understood. Every product discovered.

End the Ecommerce Addiction to Tags
Sociate AI is the world's most engaging, fastest learning, tagless shopping AI that sees & speaks. We instantly combine conversational input, with personalisation data & real time fashion trends to catch customers falling through gaps in your metadata.

Boost add to basket conversion by 450% & purchase conversions by 250% with our plug-in in a matter of days. Easy to integrate, our AI requires no data labelling, works with both text and images.

The Holy Grail of Customer Intent

Conversational AI

Our curious AIs that sees and speak generate and asks the best questions to encourage customers to share the most relevant information, allowing retailers to make magically accurate recommendations.


Our AIs understand fashion and aesthetics to increase relevance of recommendations by crossing what customer say they are shopping for with instantly generated taste profiles using personalisation data.

Real Time Fashion Intel

Trends and customer needs constantly evolve. Our active learning AIs incorporate ever changing trends and language into customer recommendations by directly leveraging real time fashion intelligence.

How do we do it?

Curious AI

Our AIs know what they know, what they don't and what they need to find out so they learn better and faster.

Combining the latest generative AI, with our unique learning based theory of emotion- generating the best questions, asked in the most engaging way.

This builds unconscious empathy so humans collaborate in conversation for longer, and share more information- so our AIs learn faster and more efficiently.

cFIRST (pronounced see-first)

cFIRST is Sociate's curious Fashion Intelligence, Recommendation and Styling Technology.

Our first AI module harnesses the cutting edge of computer vision and natural language processing capabilities for fashion. It sees and speaks.

In the fast paced world of fashion, infinite taste combinations, myriad of terms and labels, cFIRST takes verbal and visual data to make recommendations- without the need to label products to make them findable.

Fashion is just the start

We want to make shopping magical, ending click & scroll and hours of wandering in store, to boost discoverability and conversion.

Shopping today is broken with circa 80% of customers dropping off websites by the third page of results, over 95% of items not being viewed. Navigating in store isn't much better.

Our AIs makes shopping as easy as it can be to boost your conversions and will power the digital human sales assistants of tomorrow in real and virtual environments.

We have solutions for

Innovation Teams

Sociate works with your existing stack

We integrate with your existing infrastructure to enhance customer experience and automate conversation management and AI training

"Sociate’s work to introduce empathetic NLU and put guide rails around intelligent language generation, if successful will unlock the next generation of AI and “the holy grail“."

Vishal Dheiman
Head of Innovation, BBDO

"At RAIN, we believe that creating more emotionally intelligent dialogues between humans and computers is not only a very hard NLP/NLG problem, but one that will underpin the future of conversational technology. What Sociate AI is working on has the potential to enable more complex use cases, where context and nuance can help guide successful conversations with minimal friction and misunderstandings on both sides."

Eric Turkington
Head of Partnerships, Rain Agency

Yasmin Topia

CEO of Sociate AI Limited. Commercial lead PWC, Inspire, Adecco. Won and delivered £40m+ in public sector contracts. University of Birmingham.

Claudia Davila Rios

Conversational AI and Applied AI Visionary, Enterprise Bot Expert, Computer Programming Fellow 42 US Silicon Valley. BSc in Economics and Finance.

Luke Robinson

PhD in Quantum Computing from Cambridge. Research Fellow at Oxford. World leading AI/ML, Partner at Post Urban Ventures, CSO Hazy, LGN.

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